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AI-enabled Video Intelligence Platform

With solutions for Security, Access, Safety, Search and Health, Vidan includes people counting, gun detection, fire alerts and improves enterprise security features, enabling dynamic data tagging to increase analytics flexibility.

Analytics for a safer, more efficient world

Learn more about how Video manages security, safety, and access.

Work Efficency

Enhance productivity by identifying idle workers, analyzing their behavior and motivating them to achieve cost effectiveness in a limited hour.


VidAn software is a cutting edge technology that enables you to monitor and record the activities of organizations and alerts any irregular activity, hence increasing effectiveness.

Quality Control

Maximize productivity by analyzing the manufacturing belt, control workplace safety and being notified for man down that ensures premium quality being produced.

Audit Process

VidAn enables you to make confident decisions by monitoring a video surveillance software that helps you manage more information with precise notifications which leads to high performance and low maintenance cost.

The Role of Video Analytics in a Global Health Crisis

As part of our Covid-19 analytics, Vidan’s Face Detection has been customized to alarm on detecting a face without a mask. Here in Pakistan, as well as around the world, it is becoming mandatory to use face masks to enter stores, offices and other public places.

Detecting and warning people not wearing masks in public areas such as retail environments, banks, and post offices which are deemed essential and thus remain open during this time will help to decrease the spread of the virus significantly.

Behavior Analytics

Vidan empowers organizations to gain an insight into the behavioral pattern of consumers, allowing you to predict their future actions based on the visual perception and analysis.

Object Identification

It deals with identifying objects such as human, animal or physical products in a video surveillance where the software tracks, records and computes a specific (moving or stationary) object and alerts the system according to the KPI.

Facial Recognition

The organization’s Vidan software is capable to detect and verify the identity of a potential person through a surveillance video.

KPI Operation Managment

Vidan allows the Operation Management to identify, describe, set, analyze and monitor specific industry’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that will benefit the organization.

Smoke and Fire Detection

Alerting the Security Management of any potential fire hotspots in advance for open or closed areas.

AI: Developed to secure

Vidan brings value to your business faster with AI-powered, Industry specific solutions.

Vidan For Analyzing Retail

Automatically computing the number of visitors, supervise the waitlist and queues, identifying VIP clientele, estimate the age and gender of the groups, manage heat mapping, and much more.

Vidan For Manufacturing

Regulating the safety of the workplace, avoid emergencies and dangerous work zones through intelligent analytics, notified for any injuries and accidents.

AI for Safe/Smart city

Count people and white perform face and number plate recognition enhance public safety 23 investigations and search for wanted persons.

AI for Traffic Control

Conduct number cognition an whices freight cars and content control access points and rolling stock and monitor traffic flow.

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